Forza Horizon 3 Japan Launch

Wunderman Tokyo was tasked to increase the sales of Forza Horizon 3 in Japan, an award winning racing action game from Microsoft. While the game title was popular globally, it suffered in the Japanese market where local competitors like Grand Tourismo from Sony dominate. We needed to spark interest to make a big impact and amplify the awareness through PR media and social channels. The movie led people to an actual game driving experience at both MINI dealerships and PC retailers across Japan. The added feature of driving MINI John Cooper Works on the Australian landscape, with speeds over 250km/h, went far beyond any real test driving experience at MINI dealerships currently in Japan. MINI dealers commented that this execution with Forza Horizon 3 game potential customers a very special and realistic test driving experience of John Cooper Works. Microsoft was also excited to see how the graphic excellence of the game was brought to life in the film. Final results were impressive also: 115,000 Movie impressions in 1 week. 74% of the participants who started with no intention to purchase now express willingness to buy

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