Microsoft Japan: "Michi"

Client Objective/Challenge Microsoft Japan’s new portal resource site, the Microsoft Business Library - designed as a resource centre for those in the Small to Medium Business sector - required online promotion. I was tasked with generation and art direction of an online video story to communicate directly to them. Creative Solution Around 50% of the presidents in Japan’s 1.6 million company SMB sector are eldest sons - those who have succeeded from their fathers, the original founders of the business. The story appeals to the new young presidents by strengthening their faith in themselves despite being surrounded by coworkers with years more experience. The new leaders feel unable to make their own decisions confidently and in a way closer to their fathers, whom they saw as bold and confident men. As it turns out however, the data proved that the fathers were just as unsure of their direction as the novice sons are now. The video tells the story of a moment in a young president’s early steps as he attempts to deal with the stress of taking over his father’s company. The scenes fade between reality and an abstract dream, sometimes blurring the definition of both to express the son’s interpretation of his father’s journey versus the reality. Two sets are used: the president’s room, once occupied by the father, and a barren and unforgiving realm revealing the truth behind the father's professional trials. In the end the son finds the resolve to lead the business in his own way, despite the odds and just like his father before. Results With views of 140K in 6 months since the publication of the video in May 2016, we expect to achieve our 200K site visits KPI within the year. Titles: “Roughly half of second and third generation company presidents in Japan have succeeded their role from their parents.” “Around 65% of second generation presidents believe they lack decisiveness.” “The road to success is paved with many mistakes” (Literal translation: “Should you fail, stand up again. For your father did the same.”) “Where there is no path, make one.”

Youtube Promotional
Microsoft Business Library Video - Director's Cut
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