Nichiai Creative Identity Rebrand Client Objective/Challenge Nichiai Creative was a small creative production boutique with big ambitions, after dealing with primarily locally run businesses and representative offices of foreign companies and embassies the company needed to show off its growing portfolio of work in a way that reflected its tenacity and potential for the future. It was believed that the then current identity was a serious stumbling block in attracting new clients so a new identity was required for something that was relevant, authentic and commanded attention. Creative Solution I designed the identity, stationery, website and curated the portfolio in a comprehensive project that saw the Nichiai company as a whole see a larger identity rebrand from it’s two component parts - IT and creative. Each department was given it’s own specific mark that took reference from the periodic table, a literal “compound” interpretation, while the mark and colour scheme then saw itself played out in the various promotional collateral. Results The logo design process began at the beginning of 2009, culminating later in August and the brand overhaul has remained a favourite of many of the clients and connections since then proving its success in defining the company, and its worth as a brand design.

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