Peugeot 308 Sportium BTL

Client Objective/Challenge In my time at I&S BDDO/Proximity I was responsible for creative direction of the monthly promotional kits for both Peugeot and Citroen auto brands. I was directly involved in creative direction, overseeing the successful implementation of the BTL promotional materials driving customer traffic to dealerships throughout Japan. In all cases however much of the format was already decided by global direction, however in the début of the 308 Sportium I turned what was otherwise a limitation into a visually beneficial feature. With car artwork limited and wheels never be blurred or made difficult to recognise I had to ensure that a stationary car must appear sporty. Creative Solution My approach made sure that while the car didn't move the rest of the art did, imbuing sportiness and dynamism in auto performance. The inclusion of a red/orange athletic track provided the injection of movement and energy and foregoing the traditional white car I chose a black model and accompanied it with a highly recognisable digital timer-based set of glyphs split to emphasise the sport in 'Sport-ium'. Results With reduced creative flexibility and no increase in production of direct mail to online landing page I still increased site visit rates by +12% for this campaign.

Flyer & Key Visual
Z-Fold DM
Peugeot Official Website (Part of Banner Animation) 
Peugeot Official Website (Part of Banner Animation)
Peugeot 308 Sportium Début Mini-site
Web Banner (Simplified Version)
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