Phase 1
Initial Awareness: Soft Drive
The SMB-Targetted Page (as seen via Surface)
The SMB-Targetted Page Full Design
Online Promotion: Banners
Phase 2
Beyond Initial Awareness: Raising Sense of Urgency 
Microsoft KK (Japan Corporate) Awareness Site (as seen via Surface)
Japan Corporate Awareness Site Full Page Design
Site Hero Change: Next Stage Development Highlighting Danger
Digital Promotion: Online Banners (Windows XP desktop-based theme)
Digital Promotion: Online Banners (Text-only-based theme)
Associated Print Promotion: Magazine Advertisement (Stressing the most common misconceptions to not migrate from Windows XP)
Associated Print Promotion: Train Stickers
Associated Print Promotion: Actual Placement (Tokyo Monorail)
Associated Print Promotion: Page Footer Banners
Associated Print Promotion: Magazine Column Advertisements (Development toward danger)
Raising Sense of Priority
New Hero Design Raising Sense of Urgency
New Hero Design Further Raising Sense of Urgency:
"The threat to security is closing in. There is still time! Make preparations to migrate now!"
Online Promotion Also Raises Sense Of Urgency
Phase 3
Final Awareness: Counting Down
Website Hero Day Before End of Support
Site Design as of Last Countdown Day
Website Hero Day of End of Support
Website Hero Post End of Support
Post End of Support Promotional Banner
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